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We at Dulog believe every business has its own values based on the peoples knowledge, experience, enthusiasm or heritage. But to be an industry expert it does not necessarily mean the company has the required strategic view to reach their goals in any circumstances. 

We would like to help you to add the missing strategic view to your business to achieve a successful future.

Our mission is to discover, protect or develop the values of your business. 

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Years of experience has taught us that the start of the process has to be a common language. Participants have to understand each other's viewpoints and the nature of strategic thinking. There are principles that do not depend on anyone. They have their own nature. Everyone has to take them into consideration to establish the foundation of a successful and consistent decision making process. Without understanding the principles however, the business will take a lot of resources, but it will not be able reach its goals. Dulog helps to coach you through the system of the principals which helps to make the strategy become an effective tool.  


After we speak the common language and understand the nature of the strategic principals, the time has come to evaluate your company. This method answers simple questions about the money, knowledge, time and other assets, which were applied in the everyday operation of business are applied in the necessary portfolio, or just wasted assets and the business will not reach the set goals. There is no good or bad outcome, only true or misleading ones. It is better to recognize problems and find solutions rather than let the business struggle.


Once you know what has to be focused on in a strategy generally, understand the principles and know your business from the viewpoint of the strategic audit, then it is the time to make the whole process sustainable. As an outcome huge amounts of assets can be saved, which can be utilized in reaching other goals, creating competitive advantage or making the business more impact resistant in challenging or unforeseen circumstances.  

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